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What is a Tatami?

How to Care Igusa (Rush Grass) Item


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What Is to Be Done Before Using Igusa Products?

To get rid of the residuals of dyeing soil and resin that has not been completely absorbed by igusa fibers, gently wipe the surface with dry cloths 2 to 3 times.

Dyeing soil is widely used in manufacturing igusa products to preserve the luster and texture of igusa. Meanwhile, the production of patterned igusa products involves dyes as well. Thus, please gently wipe the surface of igusa products with dry towels 2 to 3 times before use to get rid of the residuals of dyeing soil, resin, and dyes that are not completely absorbed by igusa fibers. (The dyeing soil, resin, and dyes are harmless substances.)

*Caution: wiping forcefully or using damp cloths can result in the absorbed dyes, dyeing soil or resin being wiped off, which in turn will cause color unevenness and discoloration. Igusa products are folded during transportation, so there usually are creases when first using. The creases will gradually disappear during use, as they are not caused by falling or injuries. Stretch the carpet and fasten with carpet pins, etc. and it is ready to use.

How to Perform Daily Maintenance?

1. It is recommended to place igusa products in well ventilated spaces. When weather permits, please remember to open windows often to let in fresh air.

2. When cleaning igusa products, please sweep along the texture of the fiber to get rid of dust and litter. When using vacuum cleaners, please take care and allow sufficient time.

3. Please air the product once or twice a week when weather permits, avoiding direct sunlight to exterminate bugs and mites and to prevent molds.

4. Discoloration will occur if the product is exposed to direct sunlight. If possible, please avoid direct sunlight during use.

5. Igusa needs a certain level of moisture. Fibers within igusa are going to break if it is too dry. If mold is found, place the product under direct sunlight for about an hour. Then wipe off the mold with a brush.


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