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Tatami, the Traditional Japanese Flooring Mat

      Tatami mats are traditional Japanese flooring mats. They are of a size that permits a person to lay down and sleep upon them, with the top surface covered by goza (straw mats) that are weaved with rice straw.
      Within Japanese homes, tatami mats are laid upon the floorboards. As rooms that will be laid with tatami mats are constructed to a size that will allow a precise fit, it is possible to completely cover the floor with them. 


How to store and maintain tatami

    If tatami are properly maintained, they can be used for nearly 40 years. Let us make tatami last as long as possible by doing daily cleaning and care, regularly renewing the tatami facing, etc. The following methods can be used to maintain not only regular fixed tatami but also unit tatami, tatami pillows, straw mats put on top of tatami, and so on.

How to clean tatami

      Cleaning tatami is done with a vacuum cleaner or a special “tatamibōki” (tatami broom). The tatami broom can be purchased in home centers or broom specialty shops in Japan. Some people use a “gum roller” for cleaning the floor to remove hairs and dust, but if an adhesive cleaner is used with strong adhesion, it will cause damage and fraying to the “tatami facing”.


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