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What can I do if my package arrived damaged—or not delivered?

Where is my order package?

First, please check the status of your order package(s) with the tracking number(s) we provided. It’s in the shipping notification mail from us. The tracking number is starting with CP. 

If delivery is taking a long time, it is often because the customs inspection is taking a long time in your country.

Lost and Damaged

Please contact us if,

  • Your item was returned to us for some reason despite you have contacted the post office for delivery. 
  • Your order item arrives in a damaged condition (please send us a picture of it.). Since we opened our shop, thankfully we have never received any reports of futons or tatami mats being torn during delivery. We pack your orders very carefully. However, once we have had an incident where the package was soaking wet and stored for a long time in storage at a post office in a country, and the items became unusable.

Either case, we will file an investigation with China Post. We’d like to ask you to file a claim with your local post office as well. Please contact them with the tracking number, the invoice and if it’s a damage case, the photos of the package may be needed. If you do so and send us an email with copies of documents or other evidence that you have done so, we will be happy to send you a replacement as soon as possible. We appreciate your cooperation very much. 

We would like to thank you for shopping at our store, despite the issues that can arise with international purchases. We will take responsibility to complete your order, please be assured.

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